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Beyond the clouds

Cover: cv313 - Beyond The Clouds

CV313 – Beyond The Clouds (EP: Seconds To Forever)

„The B side brings the reprise of ‚Beyond The Clouds‘ which is a clear example of the power of repetition, in its near 23 minute journey one questions whether or not time has stood still? This is an extended psychedelic trip meant to drift in, to float in, the very soundtrack for deep space exploration. Recorded from a live session near the heart of Detroit, using countless modular synths, analog devices and custom made effects this song offers an analog groove like no other and as a result tugs right at the heart strings. An absolutely gorgeous release“ (Link).

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Nicolas Jaar – Space Is Only Noise

Nicolas Jaar - Space Is Only Noise (Cover)

Nicolas Jaar – Colomb

„Filigrane Percussion und mäandrierende Melodien in wunderschöner Melancholie, mit so unterschiedlichen Einflüssen aus den frühen Phasen von Factory Records, Mille Plateaux, DJ Shadow und Eric Satie. ‚Space Is Only Noise‘ hebt sich in der aktuellen elektronischen Musiklandschaft deutlich ab, und Nicolas Jaar gilt vollkommen zu Recht als einer der derzeit spannendsten Produzenten“ (Rough Trade).

Links: Intro, BBC.